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Why Mother is the Light of the Family


As the saying goes, “home is where the heart is,” and at the heart of every home is the mother. As light gives us warmth, energy to live, and positive vibes, similarly mother is giving us love, care, and support which is also essential to survival, she spreads light to the family. She gives advice, support, and safety to her children, and her touch brings joy, comfort, and positivity. 

in  This article, we will discuss the various ways “Why Mother is the Light of the Family“, shining bright and strong through life’s ups and downs.

Come celebrate with us the vital role that moms play in our lives.

What is the light of the family mean

The light of the family is a metaphorical sentence that is used to mean the importance of the mother in our family as well as our life. As light illuminates a dark room similarly the love, and touch of a mother bring light into our life. Mother is often called the core of the family as she knows how to take care of all things, how to maintain the family, and how to overcome problems. The light of the family indicates the vital role that a mothers play in creating a happy and healthy home environment.

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Why Mother is the Light of the Family

Position of mother in a family compared to others

The position of a mother in a family is unique and irreplaceable. While all other members are important people in a family, the mother is said to be the core of the family. As Sun is the core of the solar system and planets are evolving the sun, in the same way, we all are the planets around the sun like a mother. Mother is mainly dedicated to maintaining the health, and happiness of the family. Each and every work in a family is done by a mother, whether it may be preparing delicious food, washing clothes, making the child ready to go to school, making the husband ready to go to workspace, maintaining the cleanliness of the house, etc. 

In addition, The position of a mother in a family is irreplaceable and unique. She treats all equally, and her love for all members is equal and undivided. While every member of the family is important, a mother’s position is special and one that should be respected and celebrated.

What are the benefits of having a mother in the family?

Why Mother is the Light of the Family

Having a mother in a family has tons of benefits.  Some of the benefits are mentioned below. 

1. Emotional Support: The mother provides emotional support to the children which is helpful for the children to overcome obstacles. 

2. Positive Role Model: The mother acts as a positive role model for the children. She teaches morality, tricks to survive, and important values like kindness, empathy, and responsibility.

3. Nurturing Environment: Only a mother can make a family healthy by providing nutritious and delicious food which will maintain the good health of a family. 

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4. Educational Support: Monther provides educational support to the children by helping them with homework, and offering guidance and support.

5. Household Management: Mothers are responsible to maintain the house well. From cooking to washing clothes, from cleaning the home to maintaining the members, she is perfect in everything. 

6. Friendship: Above all, mothers often serve as a friend to their children and loved ones, offering a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a source of comfort and encouragement.

These are some of the common benefits of having a mother in a family. In addition, there are lots of benefits like Financial Support, Unconditional Love, Health and well-being, etc. 

If the mother is the light of the home what is the father?

If the mother is said to be the light of a family, then the father can be seen as the foundation or the pillar of the family. As a pillar or foundation is essential for a building similarly father is also needed as a foundation of a family. The role of a father in a family is different from a mother. Father is called the engine oil of the family, which means he is the main earning person of the family. As engine oil is necessary for smooth running, similarly father is necessary for the smooth running of a family. Besides that, they provide mental and emotional support to the family, and teach the children about the outer world, how to survive, what is good and what is bad, etc.

Role of the Father in Our Family

Why Mother is the Light of the Family

Fathers play a vital role in the family, and their role is just as important as that of the mother. Here are some of the key roles and responsibilities of fathers in the family:

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1. Financial Support: Fathers are mainly the financial supporter of a family on which the whole family is based. They work hard to earn some amount that can fulfill the basic needs of a family. 

2. Role Model: Fathers are important role models for their children, and their behavior and actions can greatly influence their children’s values and behavior.

3. Protector: Fathers are also a protector of a family. He makes ensure that his family is not in any bad condition. 

4. Teacher: A father also plays a vital role as a teacher teaching morality, out knowledge, important life skills, etc

5. Emotional Support: Fathers can provide emotional support to family members, helping them cope with stress and anxiety.

Overall, fathers are important members of the family because they support the family financially, act as role models and mentors, guard their family members, and offer emotional support. Their contributions should be respected and appreciated because they are essential to building a joyful and healthy family. 


In conclusion, both the father and mother play a vital role in the family. They have different roles to play. On the one hand, the mother is called the sun of the family and on the other hand, the father is called the engine oil for the family, both are necessary to run a family smoother. 

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