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Why do Mother-in-Laws Mistreat Daughters-in-Law?


Have you ever felt that your mother-in-law is treating you badly? She is trying to oppose you and makes you feel bad about whatever you want to do. This is a common problem in our society. Lots of housewives are the victims of this situation. In this blog, we will try to understand ‘Why do Mother-in-Laws Mistreat Daughters-in-Law?’ and try to figure out the solution.

So let’s dive in to figure out the solution to your question ‘Why do mothers-in-law mistreat daughters-in-law?’

How do you know if your mother-in-law doesn’t like you?

There are several signs that may indicate that your mother-in-law doesn’t like you. These may include:

1. She often blames you for your appearance, job, parenting, and about your career. 

2. She might not be interested to invite or participating in any occasion or family gathering. 

3. She shows dismissive of your options or ideas or tries to ignore your position in the family

4. She may always be in a silent mood when you are around her or be cold and distant towards you. 

5. She may be interfering in your personal relationship with your husband and trying to create tension between you.

6. She may have unreasonable demands on you or forcing to change your lifestyle or personality

7. She may be gossip about you with your family members or with her friends and try to spread rumors about you

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8. She may try to control important family decisions or events, such as holidays or weddings, without taking your opinions.

There are some points that you may feel and you are thinking that your mother-in-law is not liking you. You may be correct but there may be other factors also. Before doing anything try to have a conversation with your husband and other family members. 

How should a Mother-in-law treat her Daughter-in-law?

A mother-in-law must treat a daughter-in-law with all respect, and kindness and give her the actual value that she deserves. A mother-in-law should behave like her own daughter with the daughter-in-law. 

Here are some tips on how a mother-in-law should treat her daughter-in-law:

1. Accept her as she is: Mother-in-law should accept her daughter-in-law as she is. She should respect her choice and decisions. 

2. Communicate openly and honestly: Mother-in-law should communicate with her daughter in law in an open mind, and share all the problems and the solution of the family. 

3. Don’t interfere: mother in law should not do interference in the relationship between the husband and wife. 

4. Show interest and support: Must show interest and support in daughter-in-law’s choice and decisions. 

5.  Treat her as a member of the family: Treat her like a family member. Include daughter-in-law in all social and family events and make her feel special. 

These are some points that the mother-in-law should do with her daughter-in-law. Remember building a good relationship is taking more time and effort and maintaining a good relationship is most important. So try to keep your relationship strong. 

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How do I deal with my hurtful Mother-in-law?

Dealing with a harmful mother-in-law is a very tough and challenging task. 

Here are some tips mentioned that you should try. 

1. Set boundaries: If your harmful mother-in-law is interfering with your personal matter then it’s better to set a boundary and communicate your needs in a respectful and assertive way.

2. Don’t take it personally: Don’t take your mother in laws behavior personally, otherwise, it will hurt you more. You should focus on your own work.

 3. Talk to your husband: You should talk to your husband about this situation and try to understand why this is happening

4. Seek support: Ask for support from other family members. In need try to get some tips from your close friends.

Remember dealing with a harmful mother-in-law is a time taking and challenging task. But it is more essential to sort out this problem, otherwise, it will create bad effects on your personal life and you will be mentally disturbed.


In Conclusion, Although it’s tough to handle this situation. In some cases, there are some reasons why a mother-in-law is less interested in a daughter-in-law, if the same is in your case also then you should try to find out the reasons which are causing this problem. Try to solve these problems. 

Or in another way, you can do a private conversation with your mother-in-law and ask her with due respect what is the points for that she is misbehaving with her and try to resolve these points upon conversation. 

Remember, a happy and healthy family is only possible when all the family members are living together with happiness and sharing each other’s emotions and feelings. 

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I hope that you have to find the answer to your question ‘Why do mothers-in-law mistreat daughters-in-law?’

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