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Is love Given or Earned

Love is the most beautiful feeling for which we all yearn. It is the emotions for which we all are in a living condition, which give us hope and make our hearts beat. But have you ever thought that love is given or taken? Is it comes normally or do we have to work hard to get it? 

In this article, I will give my best to Explain whether “Is Love Given or Earned“. So let’s dive in and try to understand the logic behind it.

Why does this question arise?

Is love has to be earned or given, this question has its own history. People used to search for this kind of question for centuries. There are many kinds of love and as well as there are many kinds of people are there in this world. So this matter of whether love has to be earned or given varies from person to person. Some people believe that love has to be freely given and on the other side some people believe that it has to be earned through hard work and dedication. Our love is decided by how we view love, it can be emotional, it can be by belief or it can be determined by past experience, that’s why this question has no direct and easy answer. ultimately it depends on how we treat our love or loved ones

What is love actually?

What is love? In the short form, there are no such rules or definitions derived for love. It a challenging and very hard work to define love, it can be expressed in many ways. However love is an intense feeling, expectation, and connection for someone or something. Love can be self which means Self-love, taking care of own or accepting own. It is one kind of emotion that can make us happy and also make us sad. In short word, love is an essential experience that helps us to stay connected with our surrounding society 

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Misconception about love

There are lots of misconceptions about love that can affect our understanding and experience of it. 

The most common misconception about love is that falling in love is too easy and we can get it easily. Some people believe that if we can find the right person, everything will fall into place and we will lead our live happily. 

However, the reality is something else. The most important thing that we need for love is effort, patience, and commitment. It’s not always easy, and it’s sometimes challenging but it’s very important

Another misconception about love is that it’s solely based on physical attraction, However, physical attraction can be a part of love, but it’s not the only factor. True love is based on strong emotional connection, importance, and respect for each other. 

Last but not least, many people believe that love is enough to make make a relationship work, but it’s not the ultimate. To make a relationship healthier both people have to give an effort, strong bonding, and same feeling for each other. without these things love is not possible (True Love)

Why should you Earn Love?

Earning love is meant putting in effort, investing time, give the energy to build a relationship stronger. When you earn Someone’s love, it shows that you are really serious about your relationship. This makes a strong belief between you and your partner and brings you closer.  When you work hard to maintain the relationship, you can see the value in it and appreciate the effort that you and your partner put into it. When you put effort to earn love by the time you make yourself more perfect for your partner, it shows how careful you are about your love.

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How to Earn Love in Relationships

Earning love in a relationship is not so much easy but it’s also not impossible. It can be achieved by following some of the methods

Is love Given or Earned

Here are a few methods to win someone’s love in a relationship:

  1. Communicate clearly: Effective communication is essential for every relationship to succeed. It’s critical to actively listen as well as to respectfully and clearly convey your opinions and feelings. Effective communication demonstrates that you value and respect your partner’s viewpoints and emotions.
  2. Express gratitude: Little deeds of appreciation and kindness can go a long way in gaining a partner’s love. Saying “thank you,” giving them compliments, or surprising them with kind deeds are all ways to express to your partner how much you value and respect them.
  3. Be supportive: By encouraging your partner to pursue their ambitions, you can win their love and respect. Provide them with support and encouragement while they follow their passions.
  4. Exercise forgiveness: No relationship is flawless, and mistakes will occasionally be made. It’s crucial to learn to forgive and go past any potential problems. Forgiving your partner demonstrates your value for the union and your willingness to work through any difficulties with them.
  5. Spend quality time together: Quality time spent with your partner can help strengthen and deepen your bond. Prioritize your relationship and schedule time for things you both like doing.

You may cultivate love in your relationship and create a deeper, more rewarding connection with your partner by putting these behaviors into practise

10 Things keep in mind for a Healthy relationship

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Maintaining a healthy relationship requires effort and commitment from both partners. Here are ten things to keep in mind for a healthy relationship:

1. Communication: A healthy partnership depends on effective communication. It’s crucial to respectfully and clearly convey your feelings, opinions, and worries.

2. Respect: Behave respectfully towards your partner and express gratitude for their thoughts, emotions, and efforts.

3. Trust: In a good partnership, trust is essential. Build trust with your partner by being open and honest with them and by acting consistently.

4. Quality time: To improve your bond and connection, spend quality time together.

5. Compromise: Be prepared to make concessions and resolve differences when disputes arise.

6. Define limits and respect one another’s demands for privacy and independence.

7. Support: Encourage and support one another along the road as they pursue their goals and dreams.

8. Forgiveness: Work on forgiving others and getting past disagreements to strengthen relationships.

9. Intimacy: A healthy partnership must have intimacy. Maintaining closeness on a physical and emotional level will help to solidify your relationship.

10 Similar values: To build a solid foundation for your relationship, share comparable values and views.

You can create a strong and happy relationship with your partner if you follow these ten things in mind.


In conclusion, whether love can be given or earned is a tough question and the answer depends on personal thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. However, putting effort and commitment is the main key to a successful relationship. Communication, respect, trust, quality time, compromise, boundaries, support, forgiveness, intimacy, and shared values are all essential components of a healthy relationship

Ultimately love is a beautiful and strong feeling which can bring happiness and fulfillment to your life. 

If you ask about my personal opinion about this question i would say that there is no such rule as that whether love has to earn or given.

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