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Why do I Still Miss My Ex even though I Love My Boyfriend


Breakup with your most loved person is really a tough situation and after breakup, missing that person is a normal condition. Perhaps, you have started a new relationship, but still, there is a soft corner for your ex in your heart. It’s a confusing and frustrating situation and it can be a feeling guilty. In this blog, we will deeply look at why you still feel love for your ex, even if you are in a new relationship with someone. Take a cup of tea and let’s cover this topic for you. 

When We Mostly Miss Our Ex

There are various reasons why you may miss your Ex. Some of the reasons are mentioned below. 

Why do I Still Miss My Ex even though I Love My Boyfriend

1. Nostalgia: Even if the relationship didn’t work out, it’s normal to feel nostalgic for the memories when you’ve spent a lot of time and had a lot of experiences with someone.

2. Fear of the unknown: After a breakup, you could feel an abundance of doubt and fear regarding the future. Even if your relationship wasn’t healthy, it’s normal to miss the comfort and familiarity that comes from having a serious relationship.

3. Loneliness: Being single can be difficult, and you could start to desire the company and emotional support your ex offered.

4. Unresolved feelings: If there were some unsolved problems in your relationship or if the breakup was sudden or unexpected, you could find it difficult to accept the loss of those feelings and move on.

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5. Idealization: On sometimes, we may glamorize failed relationships by focusing only on their positive moments and ignoring the core reasons that contributed to their breakup.

Whatever, you must have to stop recalling your ex. It’s important for your current relationship. Be happy with your present. 

Is it Bad to Miss My Ex?

Why do I Still Miss My Ex even though I Love My Boyfriend

It’s not all bad. As we are all human beings, we have some feelings for all our close people and you were in a relationship with your ex. he is also very close to your heart. One thing you must remember is that this feeling or missing ex should not be negative for your current relationship. Spending quality time with your current partner, strong communication, and strong love is the only way to recover from this issue. 

Can it create any impact on my current relationship?

Obviously yes, Missing your ex can create problems in your current relationship. If you always think about your ex and start comparing your ex with your current, this may lead to a big issue in your current relationship. Never ever share your feeling for your ex with your current partner or with your ex, because this can create serious doubt in your current partner’s mind. If this is a serious issue and you are unable to overcome this, then I should advice you to consult with a counselor.

Does it mean my ex is missing me?

Not necessarily. It’s important to remember that everyone processes a breakup differently and if you miss your ex that does not mean that he is missing you too. This is your psychological thought. It may be possible that he is also sad about this breakup and feeling the same as you feel and it is also possible that they had overcome this situation and are happy with a new relationship. I suggest you don’t spoil your current life by thinking that he is missing me. Be happy with your current. 

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Why I am missing my ex as I am in a new relationship

There are many reasons for missing your ex even if you are in a new relationship. It’s possible that you are feeling nostalgic or wishing for the comfort and closeness of a past partnership. Alternatively, you are not confident enough about your current relationship, this is causing you to recall your ex. 

It is also possible that your past relationship is unsolved or unfinished. You have not done a breakup officially and this prevents you to overcome this. When you feel deep emotion for your ex, just call your current and start some romantic talk. This really helps you to move on. 

Does it mean my ex is better than my current one?

Why do I Still Miss My Ex even though I Love My Boyfriend

A big NO, missing your ex does not mean that your ex is better that your current. It’s important to remember that every relationship has a unique side and thinking that your past relationship was better is not logical. Your current may have different ways to express his love and feelings. 

It’s natural to compare your ex with your current, but this does not mean that your ex was better. Always try to find happiness in your current relationship and express your feeling for your current partner, this will create a strong bonding between you and your partner.

Should I go back to my ex?

Whether or not you should go back to your ex is a personal decision. This may depend on some questions such as the reason for the breakup, your feeling for your ex, what your ex feels for you, are not happy with your current partner, ask all these questions to yourself and take a decision should you go back to your ex or want to continue the current. Is it possible to create a healthy relationship with your ex again?

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Additionally, it’s important to think that what will be about your current relationship. You are doing the same as your ex has done with you. The feeling that you are feeling now, the same will happen with your current. Do you have a guarantee that your ex will not leave you again? If you this that all of these questions are positive and this does not create much impact then you can consider going back. Again I am telling you that it’s your personal decision.


Missing your ex while you are in a new relationship is a complicated situation. Although it’s natural to compare your current and ex. By focusing on your current relationship it’s easy to forget about your ex. Feeling for ex will only give you pain, so it’s better to move on and build a healthy bonding with your current one. 

You may also ask

Although love for an ex may fade over time, it might never truly go. It’s possible for memories and emotions from the relationship to keep coming back, especially under stressful or emotional situations. It’s important to process these feelings and make strong healthy habits.

You can’t really tell whether your partner really loved you or not based on your breakup.
The relationship may have ended for a number of reasons, such as incompatibility, priorities, or personal problems. 

Yes. missing your ex, maybe a signal that you still love him. But it’s not the only truth, as we all are a human beings, we have emotions. As he is very close to your heart, so it’s normal to feel or sometimes your ex and his memories. 

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