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Which Married Couple is Most Likely to Get Divorced

Divorce is a serious issue all over the world nowadays, although it is considered a lifelong commitment and a new journey for new couples. Some studies show that there are some particular reasons why divorce is happening in our society.  In this article, we will try to find the reasons behind divorce with some facts and we will also discuss how to cure this problem. If you are married or planning to marriage, read this article carefully. It can save your marriage life. Let’s start it. 

What factors lead to divorce?

There are many factors that lead to divorce. Some of the common factors are mentioned below. 

Which Married Couple is Most Likely to Get Divorced

1. Adultery: Extra-marital relationships are one of the main reasons for divorce. The loss of trust can be hard to recover, and many relationships never fully recover from infidelity’s effects.

2. Communication issues: A lack of effective communication is another common reason for divorce. The communication gap between partners can create miscommunication and anger to grow with a period, ultimately causing the relationship to break down.

3. Financial concerns: For many marriages, money issues are a key source of stress. Disputes over money, debt, and savings can be stressful and aggressive, and they can ultimately lead to divorce.

4. A lack of intimacy: A good marriage requires a both emotional and physical connection. When a married couple is unable to connect sexually, it can create an emotion of loneliness and unhappiness and may even lead to divorce.

5. Abuse: In a marriage, any kind of abuse physical, emotional, or sexual—is never acceptable. For their own safety, the other partner may file for divorce.

This is not the only. There are several factors that cause divorce. These are the common facts. 

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Divorce Statistics and Facts in previous years

Here are some divorce statistics and facts from past years:

  1. As per the report of the National Center for Health, in 2020 the divorce rate is 2.7 out if 1000 people. 
  2. In the USA the divorce rate is declined since 1980. But this is due to declining of the marriage rate.
  3. In the USA the average marriage life is 8 years, before the divorce. 
  4. Women file for divorce more as compared to man
  5. The common age of divorce is 25 to 39.
  6. The divorce rate is higher among couples with lower levels of education and income.

Which married couple is most likely to get divorced?

There is no fixed data about that. Most of the common information is mentioned below. 

Which Married Couple is Most Likely to Get Divorced

  1. Age of marriage: Couples who married at a younger age have more chance of getting divorced than those who marry at an older age. 
  2. Education level: Couples who are low educated have more chance to get a divorce than couples who are highly educated. 
  3. Family income: Lower family income can cause divorce than higher family income.
  4. Communication problem: Couples who struggle with communication, including frequent arguing or poor conflict resolution skills, are more likely to get divorced.
  5. Infidelity: Couples who have Infidelity in their marriage life are more likely to get divorced.

It is important to note that this are may be the divorce reason. All relationships are unique. However, being aware of these risk factors can help partners in taking action to resolve any problems immediately and try to improve their relationship.

Impact on our Society

divorce can have a significant impact on our society. Some of the impacts are mentioned below. 

  1. Financial Impact: Divorce may have financial impacts like legal fees, property division, spousal, child support payments, etc. This can create financial pressure on both the person. 
  2. Impact on children: Divorce can create a bad impact on children. This will create a negative impact on their study, surrounding society, and personal life too. After divorce, they have to choose one person to stay with them eighter their father or mother which is a tough situation for them. 
  3. Impact on mental health: Divorce can create a serious impact on the mental health of the husband, wife, and children. This can lead to depression, stress, and other mental health issues.
  4. Impact on social norms: As divorce is getting more common day by day, it can create a bad impression on social norms. Decreasing the marriage rate among young people can be a factor in this. 
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Overall, divorce is a complex and mental situation. This has a negative and positive site also. If the relationship is getting toxic its better to file a divorce. 

Impact on our child

Divorce can have a significant impact on children. Here are some of the ways in which divorce can affect children:

Which Married Couple is Most Likely to Get Divorced

1. Emotional impact: Divorce may have a huge impact on children’s stress and anxiety levels. It can also cause a range of psychological emotions, such as sadness, anger, and confusion. Children could feel sadness or sadness over the loss of their relationship with their parents.

2. Behavioral effects: Divorce can cause a child’s behavior to change, such as becoming more angry, disobedient, and out of control. Youngsters might also suffer in academics.

3. Relationship impact: Divorce can create a relationship issue for the children with their parents as well as with their family and friend circle. They will feel sad about this and have difficulties connecting with both parents. 

4. Long-term impact: The long-term effect on children is more dangerous, They can fail to get higher academic support, and family support which may lead to various bad habits for the children like drug addiction, an increase in crime rates, etc. 

Overall, Divorce is a challenging issue for children, but it’s important to remember that with time they will adjust themselves. Divorce can create a negative impact on their future marriage life. So for the sake of our children, we should avoid divorce and should try to resolve all relationship issues. 

How to decrease the risk of a divorce

There are several steps that couples can try to decrease their divorce probability. Some of the steps are mentioned below. These steps do not guarantee that these will definitely work. Because every couple has their own problem and feeling.

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Which Married Couple is Most Likely to Get Divorced

  1. Communication: Couples have to build strong communication among themselves. Sharing feelings, discussing future plans and some constructive talks may help to decrease the divorce rate. 
  2. Commitment: A strong commitment can decrease the divorce rate. Always be loyal to your partner, show your love for your partner and always get in touch. 
  3. Compatibility: Couples who have the same interests, goals, and values are stronger in terms of relationships. Before getting married spend time with each other, try to understand each interests, and goals, and appreciate these values. 
  4. Pre-marital counseling: Premarital counseling can be an effective way to prevent the risk of divorce. Counseling can help couples identify potential areas of conflict, develop communication and conflict resolution skills, and strengthen their relationship before getting married.
  5. Time together: Spending quality time together can help to prevent divorce. This will help you to understand each other. Plan for a date night, Movie night, or a long drive together. 
  6. Seek help when needed: When a relationship is in the divorce stage, seek help from family members or from friends. Organize a get-together and try to solve this relationship issue. 

Overall, prevention of divorce is not so hard. By following these steps you can easily prevent your divorce rate. Love your partner, and care for your love. 


In conclusion, divorce is a complex matter for us, our children, our family, and our society too. If you are not happy with your relationship then try to find the exact reason rather then file for divorce and try to solve these issues. Keep in mind that divorce can destroy much of life. So keep loving your partner. 

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