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Why Do Boys Party and Have the Best Time after a Breakup


A breakup can be a tough situation for boys and girls also. But have you ever noticed that after a breakup, boys seem that they are having a good time, doing parties, and having fun in clubs, and girls are crying at home? In this article, we will deep dive to find the answer to this question. Lets start. 

Is this a true statement?

The answer varies from person to person. Girls things that after the breakup boys spend a happy time, have fun, go to the pub, etc and on the other hand, boys think that after a breakup, girls have fun, enjoy their life, planning for a new relationship, etc. But after a breakup, both boys and girls suffer. 

Male Psychology after a breakup

Why Do Boys Party and Have the Best Time after a Breakup

A breakup can have a major effect on their psychological state. Even so, some study indicates that men may respond to a breakup psychologically differently than women do. The following are some common psychological responses that men may have after a breakup.

1. Rejection: To themselves or to others, some men may at first minimize or reject the impact of the breakup. Whereas the feeling sad or upset, they may try to maintain cool or act like nothing’s happened.

2. Anger: Men may also feel angry after a breakup, either at themselves or at their ex-partner. They can be angry or bitter about how the relationship ended, or they might be suffering from feelings of rejection.

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3. Distraction: By investing themself in their work, hobbies, or social activities, some men may try to keep out their feelings. In an effort to deal with the hurt of the breakup, they can try to keep themselves busy

4. Withdrawal: On the other hand, some men may isolate themselves and avoid interactions after a breakup. They can be ashamed or embarrassed that the relationship is over

5. Depression: In some cases, many men suffer from depression and anxiety after a breakup, such as sadness, helplessness, and a sense of uselessness. They could suffer from sleep or hunger issues, and they might be unable to enjoy the same things they used to.

It’s important to mention that these points are not only for men, the same is applicable to girls also. 

Who suffers more after a breakup Boy or a Girl?

Why Do Boys Party and Have the Best Time after a Breakup

After a breakup who suffers most, a boy or a girl is a difficult question, because different people have different feelings and expertise. Boys and girls both feel emotional after a breakup and this emotion depends on some factors like depth of love, relationship time, and breakup reasons.

However, in some studies it is found that girls are more emotional and sad rather than boys. For example, a 2015 study published in the journal Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences found that women are feeling heavy emotional pain than men. Similarly, a 2010 study published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology found that women are expressing more intense emotions including feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety.

It’s important to remember that these studies are not the only ones, there are a lot of studies conducted on this matter, and different studies tell different theories. According to me a boy or a girl who suffers is depending on who is more closer to this relationship.

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In conclusion, after a breakup, the mental condition of a boy depends on the situation, the depth of the relationship, and some environmental factors. While some boys feel happy after the breakup subjected if the relationship were toxic and others may feel sad, lonely, and depressed after the breakup if the relationship were true.

You may also ask

There is no fixed time that tells when a boy will recover from breakup depression. It depends on the nature of the relationship. In some cases, it may takes a week, in some one month and in some cases it may take a year. Our main priority is to look after this boy and if needed consultation with a doctor is highly recommended. 

For various reasons, men could change after a breakup. A Man may experience a sense of loss or sadness as a result of a recent breakup because it can be a challenging and highly stressful time. Guys may sometimes try to deal with these emotions by trying new things, developing new interests, or changing their looks or lifestyle. In order to move on and recover, men could also feel the need to put their ex-partner or the relationship behind them.

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