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Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage


Kundli matching is one of the most important factors for many families when it comes to marriage in India. The bride and groom’s birth charts are analyzed according to a tradition to determine their match and the chances of a happy marriage.  Although kundli matching has been a part of Indian society for many years, there is increasing dispute on its effectiveness or significance in the present. In this blog post, we will cover the benefits and drawbacks of kundli matching, along with whether or not it should be a decisive factor in whether or not to continue with a marriage.

What is Kundil

A person’s birth chart, also known to as a kundli, is a traditional astrological graph that is used in Vedic astrology to predict the future based on the positions of the planets and stars at that time. According to Hindu astrology, which Kundli is based on, a person’s future is impacted by the positions of the celestial bodies at the moment of birth. The position of the sun, moon, and other planets, and their interactions with one another and with the zodiac signs is important to make a Kundli. It is used to analyze a person’s personality, qualities, jobs, and other future events. Kundli matching is a way that tells the possible future of the couples going to marriage. 

What is the scientific aspect of it?

There is no scientific evidence on behalf of Kundil. This is totally based on astrology, which is a pseudoscience that is totally baseless according to scientists. While some astrological practices have been used in medical and astronomical research in the past. But due to no proper explanation and evidence this has been declined by modern science. 

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Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage

Moreover, Kundli’s practice has been criticized for promoting superstition, gender roles, and caste systems. According to modern science, a birth chart cannot predict the future of any person, it is totally baseless. 

While some people have strong beliefs in this astrology. They thought that astrology and Kundli has strong effects on their life. That’s why the debate between Modern science and Astrology is going on for several years. To prevent this we have to make people understand that it has no base. That is totally based on mind reading which is a part of science. Astrology is not magic, it’s a game of mind reading.

Should I make kundil before marriage?

Is Kundli Matching Necessary for Marriage

This question is difficult to answer. Different people have different views on it. This is totally your personal decision.

If you are belonging to a community that has a strong belief on Astrology. then you can make Kundli match before marriage. Kundil can’t predict your afterlife marriage. The only thing that is needed to make your marriage life happy is strong bonding between you and your partner. Spending quality time with each other, understanding each other, making commitments, and trust is sufficient for a happy married life. 

Is Kundli Matching Necessary For Love or Arrange Marriage

Again I am saying that it’s your personal choice. But I believe that it has no effect on our life. There are thousands of marriages happening daily and they have not done Kundli matching but they are happy in their marriage life. 

In the case of a love marriage, where a couple chooses to marry a person whom they know for many years and has deep feelings and trust in each other which is more than sufficient for a happy married life. 

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And if you are doing an arranged marriage then it also not needed for Kundli matching. Kundil doesn’t guarantee your marriage life. Factors such as shared values, mutual respect, trust, and communication are also important in building a strong and lasting relationship.


In conclusion, the effectiveness of kundli matching or horoscope matching in a successful marriage life is a question of debate. On one hand, some people have a strong belief in this, and on the other hand, some people have no belief in this. If you want to make your married life happy that just do these things – spend quality time with your partner, have trust in him/her, go for outings, have a baby, plan for the future, etc. 

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